Tung plays Bach's Invention in A Minor

Elsa plays "Oh, Christmas Tree"

Amanda from Boston says:

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sam! I appreciated and enjoyed the structure of the lessons and clear practice exercises. Sam is a very patient and thoughtful teacher."

Eve, mother of Cole, from California says:

"Sam is a wonderful teacher! He is patient and fun and challenging, weaving music theory and history into his diverse and engaging lesson plans. Cole had never played piano before he met Sam, but within a year he loved it so much that he decided to apply for admission to an exclusive high school focusing on the performing arts. With Sam's expert guidance, Cole was one of only three incoming freshman admitted to study classical piano. Although Cole ultimately chose to attend a different high school, he has kept up with the piano, now playing in a jazz band there, and still continues to study classical with Sam twice per week. Highly recommended!"

Nam, father of Tung, from Boston says:

"I brought my shy son to Sam almost 5 years ago. He quickly developed a level of comfort with Sam and was actually eager to go to lessons. The result was great, even surprising given the time we reserved for piano. When Sam moved away, I thought about bringing my son to a local instructor, but since he had a good rapport with Sam and I couldn't argue with the result, I decided to continue with the online lessons."

Max from Chicago says:

"Joining Sam’s piano studio has transformed my music journey even after 25 years of previous musical study. Sam's attentive listening skills, combined with his knack for giving clear, actionable feedback, make every lesson profoundly effective and enjoyable. We do our lessons over Facetime, and the quality of instruction and the connection we’ve built are as strong as any in-person lesson. I couldn't recommend him more highly to anyone looking to start or deepen their piano skills."

Sam from Boston says:

"I reached out to Sam Partyka on a whim. I had never played the piano before but had an old piano in my home and wanted to learn how to play it. I’m a middle-aged lawyer with two children and limited time to practice. Sam was always encouraging, and very patient with me. Over two years of weekly instruction, Sam improved my technique and musicianship (if it can be called that) step by step until, eventually, I found myself playing Beethoven and Chopin. I’ll never be a Sviatoslav Richter or a Glenn Gould, but even the little piano I now can play has brought great joy to my life. There is never enough beautiful music in the world. Learn to make some!"

Catherine from New Hampshire says:

"Sam is a wonderful teacher – patient, thoughtful and kind. When my retirement loomed at the start of Covid times, learning the piano became a challenge I wanted to take on. A neighbor highly recommended Sam for adult beginners. Soon he was shepherding me through weekly lessons—beginning with exercises in timing, scales and chords—as I learned short pieces familiar and classic. Sam is so calm and focused during lessons, and he is a great listener. He gently, and with charm and good humor, guided me through the fundamentals and then more challenging work, always adding new understanding of how music is written and is to be played. Although we have met in person only once, he is a part of my community, and I highly recommend him as someone you will be happy to know and learn from."