Bach, Johann Sebastian
15 2-part Inventions
15 3-part Inventions
Italian Concerto
Well-Tempered Clavier I, C - F
Prelude and Fugue in C-sharp Major, BWV 872
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Sonatas 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 21
Brahms, Johannes
Piano Pieces, Op. 118
Handel Variations, Op. 24
"Dein Blaues Auge"
Britten, Benjamin
"Sweet Polly Oliver"
"The Salley Gardens"
Chopin, Frédéric
Ballade in G Minor, Op. 23
Ballade in A-flat Major, Op. 47
Ballade in F Minor, Op. 52
Berceuse in D-flat Major
Etudes, Op 10; Op 25 nos 1, 2
Nocturnes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 15, 19
Polonaise in A-flat Major, Op. 53 "The Heroic"
Preludes Op. 28 nos 3, 13, 17, 21; Op. 45
Scherzo in B-flat Minor
Clementi, Muzio
Suite of Four Pieces from the Gradus ad Parnassum
Czerny, Carl
Opus 299, the "School of Velocity"
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel
Five Fairy Ballads, Nos. 3 and 5
Debussy, Claude
Children's Corner
Images I
L'isle joyeuse
La fille aux cheveux de lin
Suite Bergamasque
"Pagodes" from Estampes
Gershwin, George
Rhapsody in Blue
Three Preludes for Piano
Grieg, Edvard
The Holberg Suite, Op. 40
Haydn, Joseph
Sonatas 41 and 42
Hindemith, Paul
"Ruhig Bewegt" from Piano Sonata no. 3
Khachaturian, Aram
Children's Album, Books 1 and 2
Kreisler, Fritz
Prelude and Allegro for Violin and Piano
Liszt, Franz
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6, in D-flat Major
Liebestraum in A-flat Major, No. 3
Six Consolations, S.172
Moszkowski, Moritz
Etude in F major, Op. 72 No. 6
Mozart, Wolfgang
Sonata in F for Piano Duo, K. 497
Fantasy in F Minor for Piano Duo, K. 608
Variations in G for Piano Duo, K. 501
Sonata in E Minor for Violin and Piano, K. 304
Sonata in F Major for Piano Solo, K. 332
Rachmaninoff, Sergey
Fantasy Pieces, Op. 3
Preludes Op. 23, nos. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Lilacs, Op. 21 no. 5
Ravel, Maurice
Menuet sur le nom d'Haydn
Satie, Erik
Schubert, Franz
Impromptus D 899, Nos. 2 and 4
Fantasy for piano duo, D 940
Schumann, Robert
Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15
"Widmung", Op. 25 No. 1
Frauenliebe und Leben, Op. 42
Album for the Youth, Op. 68
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich
The Seasons, Op. 37b
Album for the Young, Op. 39
Pictures of Sam by Robin Radin